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"greed is good, but gluttony is gooder"

You are quite safe here, television evangelists would not be caught dead visiting a site like this, so they are visiting using assumed names.  Residents Of New South Wales, Australia!  Be warned!  Fred Nile has been seen lurking about, taking names!

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Damn double parkers!

The Scrolling Marquee Banner Content Of This Website Is Quite Low, Considering Who Designed It!

Welcome to the Home of the Holy Webmaster himself, the spiritual leader of all who follow the way of The Farce.  If you want to know how to turn to the Stark Side of the Farce, you have come to the right place.


Public Notice.

My penis is now 3 metres long, I have increased 6 cup sizes, I earn $7 million per week for life, my MLM is no longer insane, I have bought 7,100 DVDs for 59 cents, I have enough tight-arsed teen babes to populate China, and enough viagra to fill a thousand swimming pools. I now know all the secrets of the Big Dogs as well.  SPAMMERS HAVE MERCY ON ME!!!!!



Beware of the Fart Police



The Holy Webmaster will lead you down the Dark Pathways into the abyss of evil.  He will have you pulling the wings off flies before you even realise what is happening.


He will teach you to lie, steal, and cheat your way through the levels of Holy Used Car Salesman, Reverend Real Estate Salesman, Divine Lawyer, to the level of Most Holy Politician.


Satan will call you sir!



"one for all and all for me"


For those who visited, a Screen Saver Holy as a bribe, er, reward.


The Organisation For The Abolition Of Scrolling Marquee Banners Needs Your Help NOW!!!



Want a silly site like this?  All you have to do is





Use Advanced Search

There are no Pentagrams on this site.  Holy Redmond bought out the rights.  A weaker version with only two sides will be incorporated into their next operating system.



Er, would someone please tell me what disclaimer means?



komuneko papera bukatu hau urte!



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