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There are three methods of contacting the Holy Webmaster




Method 1 - Conjuration


By using the invocation first successfully used by Theophilus in the Middle Ages -



Bagabi laca bachabe

Lamac cahi achababe


Lamac lamec Bachalyas

Cabahagy sabalyos


Lagoz atha cabyolas

Samahac et famyolas



This of course requires the usual pentagram drawn in human blood, and all other forms must be obeyed.





Method 2 - Email (Not as much fun)



Method 3 - For snail mail, telephone etc, go to this site's contact page (even more boring)

Do you think I wake up looking this good?



As the great Saint Neil of Scumbag College once said "vegetable rights and peace, man".



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komuneko papera bukatu hau urte!

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