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In our efforts to make this universe a fit and proper environment for we evil ones to dwell, we have access to one of the most potent weapons against goodness - gossip.

The Holy Webmaster is steadfast in the belief that anyone and everyone can be targeted by gossip, and the very best of reputations can be shred to tatters by a little malicious gossip whispered into someone else's shell like ear.

It is one of the great tasks demanded by the Holy Webmaster of his dark minions that they each start one malicious rumour every day of their lives. So get those tongues wagging.  Being anile is the deal!

To get you evil things started on your great quest, let us look at some worthwhile rumours to start.

1. Bill Gates is a plant from the Red Hat Corporation.

2. George Dubberyar Bush is a left wing vegetarian Muslim.

3. George Dubberyar Bush is a B grade actor hired to look like he is President of the US.  The country is actually being run by Wacko Jacko. He can't do any worse!

4. The US lost WWII, it's just that nobody got round to telling the citizens.  The Axis powers thought that the US public were having such a good time watching 'we won the war' movies they didn't have the heart to tell them.

5. The People's Republic of China are the majority shareholders in Microsoft.

6. Former US President Regan died 6 months before being elected President.  No one had the heart to tell him.

7. John Wayne was a lesbian.

8. Your neighbours are moonies/commies/nazis/paedophiles/vegetarians.

9. Politicians are loyal and trustworthy.

Put 'em here, big boy.


These bits of gossip are even better if you can get them into a tabloid newspaper.


If you are really good at it, you will have the subject/s of you gossip believing it too.



See what evil fun you can have? Get those bits of gossip circulated now!




 Potted Lime  - As Good As It Gets.

WindersXP is really just a re-badged BeOS.  Well, they both have about as many drivers as each other.


komuneko papera bukatu hau urte!



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