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O.K., so we have a non-evil type part of this website.  Why, you may ask.  None of your bloody business I say!  Oops, sorry about that, still in evil mode from designing the other pages.  The truth is, I couldn't think up enough evil to fill up the site, so I am padding it out with this stuff.  Such is life.  Worry not, my friend, open a bottle of and forget that you ever existed.  Remember  that name,




By the way, the ratbag who put this site together needs to eat, so why not and spend the rest of your life regretting it.


(Guess who just got himself a button maker programme)



Funny, but being such an evil bastard, I cannot think of anything nice to say.  So lets just close our eyes for a little while and think of daffodils and kittens and other nice things, shall we? imagine stomping them into the ground with our jackboots.  Had you worried for a little while, didn't I?



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komuneko papera bukatu hau urte!


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