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Money is the root of all evil, so if you want to be evil, give me all your money. Simple, huh?

Our sanctified Board of Directors showing their usual flair for individualism.  Wait! Isn't that Summa Bed Linen hiding in the background? Who cares, bomb it anyway!


The Cardinal of Buff Point.  Do not forget to kiss the ring!

Have you noticed that the Microfart sponsored Anti-Piracy Gestapo now have greater powers than your local police department?  We sure got our priorities in order!  It is all right to let rapists and murderers get off, so long as we get those bastards putting software on their backup computer, or charities giving old computers to the poor and underprivileged with (shock horror) old copies of Winders 95 on the hard drives! Kill, Bill, kill!

komuneko papera bukatu hau urte!

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