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Ministry of Torture Ministry of Assasination Bureau of Perversions


"for it is a human number"


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"O.K.", I hear you say, "We is bad, we is evil, where do we sign up?"  Not so fast, we are a large organisation, and we have many different areas in which you may serve the Holy Webmaster, all of which have different starting requirements.  Browse through these pages and see where you might be best able serve the Stark Side of the Farce.

Television evangelists need not re-apply.

We do, however, have a desperate need for tea ladies!



Anybody out there who believes that they may have what it takes to serve, better get in contact with The Holy Webmaster before he comes looking for you!



I always wanted to be a rootin', tootin', cowboy, but I don't like tootin'.



The Holy Webmaster appraising this site.


komuneko papera bukatu hau urte!

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