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The Afghanistan Bacon Import Board.

The Mongolian Whaling Council.

The Somalia Tourism Commission.

The Iranian Bikini Standards Board.

The U.S. Humility Council.

The Australian Council Of Sartorial Elegance.

The Alice Springs Surf Lifesaving Federation.

The Scottish Suntanner's Society.

The Luxembourg Outback Safari Guides Group.

The Swedish Ice Manufacturer's Guild.

The Vanuatu Ice Skating Club.

The Holy Inquisition.

The Taliban Sports and Social League.

The France - Pacific Islanders Friendship Federation.

The Taliban Women's Rights Foundation.

The Society of Taliban Television Producers.

The Microfart Open Source Foundation.

The Hollywood League Of Realism.

The Australian Council For Police Commissioner Importation.

The Boy Band Eradication Board.

The Dictators For World Peace Organisation.

The Society Of Honest Lawyers, Journalists, and Politicians.

The Foreign Language Appreciation Club Of France.

The Hollywood Society For Historical Accuracy.

The Hollywood Heterosexual Association.

The Foreign Word Integration Council Of France

The U.S. Reasonableness Committee

The U.S. Police Non-lethal Response Organisation

The Afghanistan Highway Patrol

The U.S. Gasoline Preservation Association

The Sovereignty And Border Integrity Committee Of Canada

The Handcuff Usage Moderation Board of the U.S.

Society Of Independent Thinking And Acting Australian Media Moguls

U.S. Monopolists For Humanity

The U.S. Religious Right Committee Of Tolerance

The U.K. and Australia Independent Thinking Politician's Club

The U.S. 'Dependencies Are Not Colonies' Association

The Do As I Say, Not As I Do Club Of The U.S. of A.

The U.S. 'My Country, Wrong Or Wrong' Committee

The Television Evangelist Vow Of Poverty Society

The Ja Ja Binks Appreciation Club






Flagellum Daemonum, Exorcismos Terribiles. Tractatus de confessionibus maleficorum et sagarum.


A music CD I'd love to hear - ABBA sings the Black Sabbath Hits.


komuneko papera bukatu hau urte!

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